The growth of professional nanny agencies in Londonhas been quite remarkable. If this growth continues, the demand for high quality nannies will reacha new high in a relatively short period of time.

Nannies that have all the right qualifications find this career pathto be very enjoyable and benefitting. However, nannies that tend to be lazy and don’t put in the effort required to accomplish everyday tasks usually fail to make their mark in this profession.

Here are the top ten rules from the experts at that new nannies must abide by when they are starting their careers.

The Perfect Job is Out There – Be Patient

Do not take the first job offer that comes your way. Although it is tempting to accept the first job that you are offered, in most cases you can’t help but wonder if a better, more suitable family was out there waiting for you. Waiting a bit longer to get an idea of what type of families are out there and what pay range you can expect will be worth your time as you will feel more confident that this is a good fit for you.

Contracts Are Not Optional

Contracts do not necessarily have to have specific details about the time commitments but they do need to specifically spell out what is expected and what will be received in return for the services. Under no circumstances should you take a job or start work before signing a contract that is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Know and Understand Your Rights

There is a misconception that a nanny’s job is a bit like a glorified babysitter. This however is not the case and the Fair Labour Standards Act also protects nannies just like all other employees in the UK. Nannies are entitled to things like minimum wage and overtime pay. Families must treat their nanny with fairness and respect her just like any of their other employees.

You Have the Right to Say No

As a nanny, you will always want to satisfy the needs of the family you work for but it is important that you know your rights and how to say no. If the family asks you to perform a task that is outside of the contract, you are well within your rights to say no.

Take Care of Your Health

Looking after your mental and physical health is important for performing your job properly. Sustaining a strong social life, getting lots of exercise, keeping up steady sleeping patterns and maintaining a healthy diet can help you be the best possible nanny you can be.

Separate Work and Personal Life

Creating barriers between your work and private life will help you maintain a healthy work life balance. When your work and personal life intertwine, it becomes difficult to perform your duties correctly when on the job, and hard to enjoy time for yourself off the job.

Build Your Communication Skills

All nannies must be good at communicating with other family members and children. A good nanny relies on lists to help her out through the day with the children, as well as a good task list for household responsibilities. By keeping notes you will have all the answers ready should you be asked a question about your day.

Be Professional

Regardless of the relationships with the family you are working for, maintaining your professionalism is essential when dealing with any type of dispute. Staying professional and respectful will help ensure that you are treated in the same way. Never assume that because you have a strong bond or connection with the family that being late to work, leaving early, or shirking any of your responsibilities is acceptable.

Be Positive at All Times

Leave your personal problems at home for two reasons. First they do not belong at work, and second it is important to maintain your privacy. Set your problems on that “deal with later” list and stay as positive in the workplace as possible. Children have a keen sense of other people’s emotions and tend to feel the way you feel. Your problems will be right where you left them when you return.

Create Disciplinary Procedures

There may be times when you have to discipline the children for bad behaviour. It is important to follow the instructions of the family regarding discipline and never cross the line.

A good nanny knows the importance of speaking up when necessary for the well-being of the children. A good rule of thumb is that the boss of the children is whoever is in the room with them, but remember that parents have the final say regarding what behaviours are allowed and how the rules are reinforced.

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