Whether your work is with the Armed Forces or with a regular employer, your job can have you moving from one city to another on a regular basis, or even from one country to another. If you’re single, it can be a cool life. You are not likely to have too many belongings, and the sense of freedom going wherever your destiny takes you can be fun. It can be completely different when you have a family, though, especially one with young children.

Children tend to quickly become attached to their home, their school and their friends. They will usually deeply resent a move, with little appreciation for how a new job may bring better prospects for the whole family. It’s a sentiment wonderfully shown in Pixar’s 2015 animated movie Inside Out.

The parents in the movie don’t appear to handle their move very well. Not only do they not succeed in explaining the move well, they pick a moving company that loses track of their possessions. The child ends up in a bare, empty room in the new house, with none of her familiar belongings. It’s certainly important to find reliable movers who are positively reviewed by consumer review websites. You should make sure that your child’s belongings are never lost. Even more importantly, you need to find a way to talk to your child and prepare them for the big changes that you have planned.

Begin talking early, and be prepared for anything

The more time you give your child to adjust to the idea, the better things will be. Usually, a month in advance of the move makes sense. The first couple of times that you bring it up, you may expect tears. You’ll need to handle them with understanding. It’s a good idea to help your child prepare by putting together a scrapbook with all kinds of pictures of their favorite places. It’ll help them prepare for how they will get to keep these precious memories forever.

Focus on what will be the same (and better)

Through all the wrenching change, there will be many important things that will remain the same. You will still be there, and so will all your child’s furniture, toys, books and routine. It will only be everything outside of the family that changes. It’s important to focus on how the family will always stay the same (hopefully). Experts agree that parents who have a hard time thinking of the right things to say should consult parenting books that help parents with ready-made scripts. One is called Just Tell Me What to Say: Sensible Tips and Scripts for Perplexed Parents. It’s also important to focus on the parts that will be better. There could be more money or a bigger house, for example.

Make sure that your child’s favorite comforts are up and running, right away

If your child loves the Internet and television, it could make sense to all of it is make sure that they all in place very quickly.  It’s also an excellent idea to keep recordings of all your child’s favorite shows so that they are always on hand. They can be an excellent source of comfort.


It’s important to see the move from your child’s point of view. With little understanding of the way the world works, it can be very hard for a child to easily to go along with anything. It takes a great deal of patient explaining.

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