Childhood is the beginning of every human being’s life and as it is aptly said, child is the father of man; childhood is the phase when a young infant learns and absorbs knowledge to decide and become the kind of man he will be. In today’s busy schedule, parents usually are too busy in their monotonous life and can’t share the vital time that is required for any child’s mental and physical growth. In such scenario, people are only left with one option that is play school or as it is commonly known as kinder garden. This scenario is very common in hybrid towns like New Delhi where people have lot of money, but lack on time.

These Kids play zone in New Delhi are a fun filled learning centre for young children where they play, socialize and learn all in a lovely, sophisticated and playful way. In these play zones; they are taught Basic English, Hindi and Mathematics. They are even taught rhymes, basic general knowledge and many puzzles where they develop their I. Q. by solving them. Other than puzzles, they are even coached with various games like Carom, Chess and Table Tennis. Other than these, they are also made to do certain playful activities like running, cycling and certain outdoor games like cricket and football. According to a scientific study, children below the edge of 5 have the perfect body to learn swimming and these children are taught to swim effectively.

Other than these physical and mental activities, the Kids play zone in New Delhi teaches the young children how to live in a social way. They even teach them discipline, punctuality, teamwork and a few leadership qualities and most importantly, they groom them and teach them to make and maintain friendship.

They also organise birthday parties in Saket for these children where they order cakes, light food and play some simple games with a lot of decoration. These birthday parties in Saket foster a feeling of oneness among these young children and often are places where their parents mingle with each other. In these places, the child enjoys bursting balloons and sharing food along with many playful games.

So as you can understand the importance of a foundation of knowledge, physical training and social ethics is important for every human being’s existence and most parents lack the time to impart it amidst their busy schedule, these kinder gardens are the best option for laying quality in the very beginning of their child’s life.

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