Everyone loves a good film car chase, whether it’s the classic picnic poaching Minis from the Italian Job, the Police car diminishing Dodge from The Blues Brothers or of course the countless races in the Fast & Furious franchise. But aside from all of that high impact, adrenalating live danger – we can’t forget about our beloved animated characters and their crazy cartoon getaways. A cartoon car is always vibrantly imaginative; motored with unusual mechanics, probably harnessing some sort of mystical power (like talking!) or state of the art weaponry, and obviously always suited the character’s goals, personality and often even their outfits!

Baring these characteristics in mind, used car dealership,Quick Sell Your Car, have compiled a list of some of the most well known customised cartoon TV cars, solely for the purpose of childhood nostalgia, and a reminder of how great our artistic industries are:



Although in every Batmancartoon this menacing vehicle is adapted in colour, shape and design, the Batmobile isinevitably a favourite, and probably one of the most globally recognised cartoon cars. Featuring ominous details such as a turbine jet, spiked wheels, ejecting seats, oil spillers and on-board navigation systems, the streamline gothic exterior would be a fear-provoking sight for any foe of the dark hero.


JEEZ SCOOB! How on earth would the Mystery Inc. gang solve the crimes of those unsuspecting villains without their quirky camper van? Jammed full of necessary specialist equipment (such as giant nets and Scooby snacks) our famously funky ‘mean green machine’ plays a key role in helping to capture and reveal who the enemies truly are – and they would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!


Meet the Flintstones; they’re the modern stone age family, from the town of Bedrock – they’re a page right out of history! Our hilarious easily angered protagonist Fred Flintstone wouldn’t be half the caveman he is without his prehistoric floor-less automobile. Powered by Fred’s feet running on the rubble, this unexplainably fast vehicle is YABBA DABBA DOO!


The car designed for Homer Simpson, by Homer Simpson. This animated parody of a disastrous Ford Motor design left Homer’s half brother Herb in an extremely difficult financial situation, causing his company Powell Motors to close down. D’OH!


The malicious purple demon known as the Mean Machine belongs to an equally malicious animated duo from the Wacky Racers series; Dick Dastardly and his ugly four legged companion,Muttley. This vehicle was known for its great speed and in fact could fly. Concealing many hidden weapons, the stars (and villains) of the show would later use these to try and win the title of ‘Worlds Wackiest Racer’ by playing rather, well, dastardly.

Of course there were many other runners up to enter the Top 5, so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t see film favourites like Optimus Prime and Lightning McQueen – there will be a movie special soon!

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