Top Gift Ideas for New Moms

One of the most wonderful and surreal moments for a woman’s life is to give birth. It is indeed a magical experience that changes everything from her perception to her priorities in life. This is most especially true for first time moms. The experience is just overwhelming. And as a friend or someone close to a new mom, it is important to show and give support and love during these times. To congratulate them is also necessary since giving birth is not an easy job, a fact that we need not stress any longer.

In this article, we’ve come up with lists of gift ideas that you could give to a first time mommy. A simple present will give her a lot of encouragement and surely, she’ll appreciate it.

  1. Flowers – sending her a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a way to congratulate and to wish her well will indeed show your love and concern for her. It is something that will brighten up her day. Check out online florists like Fresh Flowers for new baby flowers delivery in Melbourne - .
  2. Fruits basket – new moms need to be healthy not only for her sake but also for the newborn baby that she’s breastfeeding. Therefore, giving her a basket of fruits and some vegetables will be a nice gift idea. She needs to regain her energy and strength too and eating fruits will help.
  3. Customised mommy necklace – another thoughtful present to give to a new mom is a customised mommy necklace. Engraving the word “mom” is very appropriate and it is something that will warm her heart.
  4. Tote bag – it is a good idea to give her a tote bag since she will be using this a lot now to bring baby stuff anywhere she goes. She needs a big bag wherein she can put and take out stuff easily.
  5. Baby items – of course, baby items like baby clothes, diaper, feeding bottles, crib, stroller and others are wonderful presents for the new mommy. It would be helpful for them since these things are essentials for the baby’s welfare.
  6. Parenting book – a new mom may still feel clueless and nervous about raising a baby. It would be great to share some guidelines with her or give her a good parenting book that she can read and learn from. This will give her some sense of relief and confidence.
  7. Workout DVDs – women had to deal with pregnancy weight after they have given birth. They wish to come back to their original weight so help them by giving out some workout DVDs that she can use when exercising on her spare time.

New moms will surely appreciate to know that her friends and family are always there for her especially in this new chapter on her life. It is an overwhelming experience to give birth. It is happy and fulfilling to have a child but in a way, this could be very scary too especially for first time moms. So it is important that we give them attention, moral support and some new mom presents too.


5 Children’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

The Expanding World of Kids’ Fashion

The fashion industry has long been revered and looked at by trendy consumers who want to wear the newest and most cutting edge items, but in recent years, it’s expanded to include children’s’ fashion as well. New designers seem to be cropping up every day, and many of them are unique, independent designers launching children’s lines on their own and becoming entrepreneurial business owners as a result.

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For parents who love to be on top of everything in children’s fashion, here are 5 trends we’re likely to see making waves during the Spring 2016 season:

  1. Graphic Prints

Bold, colorful and geometrically-inspired graphic prints - are a perfect fit for children’s fashion because they’re fun, full of life and visually exciting. Many of the graphic prints making an impact in Spring 2016 will include retro and 60s-mod-inspired influences. Primary colors and big shapes will probably also come into play with these trendsetting pieces.

  1. Animal Influence

Kids love animals, so it’s always fun for them to have pictures of their favorites printed on their clothes. When we say animal influence and prints we don’t mean traditional leopard or zebra, but instead actual graphic images of animals, such as horses and puppies, printed right on kid’s clothes. Even companies like National Geographic are getting into kids’ fashion, offering shirts and clothing items that are fun and educational.

  1. Globally-Inspired Items

Designers are encouraging kids’ imagination with globally-inspired prints and clothing. - These pieces are showing influences from countries around the world, with fascinating patterns and unique color combinations, particularly those stemming from Eastern cultures. Many of the details of these kids’ clothing items are intricately designed and created, reflecting various cultures from around the globe.

  1. Gender-Neutral Clothing

No longer are kids’ clothing items strictly defined in terms of being “for boys” and “for girls.” Instead, designers and parents alike are embracing the idea of clothes that can be worn by either gender comfortably. The great thing about gender-neutral clothing - is the fact that they not only encourages kids to think outside the box, but it can also be passed between siblings, saving parents money and time spent finding children’s’ clothing. Many parents have also branched out to create their own gender-neutral clothing lines and items that encourage both boys and girls to be interested in subjects like science and math, making it a trend that’s not only fun and fashionable, but also one that has a positive impact on future generations.

  1. Black and White Color Palettes

In the past, most kids’ clothing items fell into traditional color palettes like pink and blue. Now, there’s a move toward more black and white options - for little ones. It gives kids’ style a bit more of an edgier, distinctive feel, but it’s also simple and makes it easier for parents and children to mix-and-match during morning dressing routines.

Looking Forward to Spring and Summer

It’s certainly an exciting time for kids’ clothing, and as parents and fashion-lovers look forward to the spring and summer seasons, they’re sure to see lots of new and fun options becoming available, including many pieces in-line with the above trends.


Ten Golden Rules for New Nannies to Abide By

The growth of professional nanny agencies in Londonhas been quite remarkable. If this growth continues, the demand for high quality nannies will reacha new high in a relatively short period of time.

Nannies that have all the right qualifications find this career pathto be very enjoyable and benefitting. However, nannies that tend to be lazy and don’t put in the effort required to accomplish everyday tasks usually fail to make their mark in this profession.

Here are the top ten rules from the experts at that new nannies must abide by when they are starting their careers.

The Perfect Job is Out There – Be Patient

Do not take the first job offer that comes your way. Although it is tempting to accept the first job that you are offered, in most cases you can’t help but wonder if a better, more suitable family was out there waiting for you. Waiting a bit longer to get an idea of what type of families are out there and what pay range you can expect will be worth your time as you will feel more confident that this is a good fit for you.

Contracts Are Not Optional

Contracts do not necessarily have to have specific details about the time commitments but they do need to specifically spell out what is expected and what will be received in return for the services. Under no circumstances should you take a job or start work before signing a contract that is mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Know and Understand Your Rights

There is a misconception that a nanny’s job is a bit like a glorified babysitter. This however is not the case and the Fair Labour Standards Act also protects nannies just like all other employees in the UK. Nannies are entitled to things like minimum wage and overtime pay. Families must treat their nanny with fairness and respect her just like any of their other employees.

You Have the Right to Say No

As a nanny, you will always want to satisfy the needs of the family you work for but it is important that you know your rights and how to say no. If the family asks you to perform a task that is outside of the contract, you are well within your rights to say no.

Take Care of Your Health

Looking after your mental and physical health is important for performing your job properly. Sustaining a strong social life, getting lots of exercise, keeping up steady sleeping patterns and maintaining a healthy diet can help you be the best possible nanny you can be.

Separate Work and Personal Life

Creating barriers between your work and private life will help you maintain a healthy work life balance. When your work and personal life intertwine, it becomes difficult to perform your duties correctly when on the job, and hard to enjoy time for yourself off the job.

Build Your Communication Skills

All nannies must be good at communicating with other family members and children. A good nanny relies on lists to help her out through the day with the children, as well as a good task list for household responsibilities. By keeping notes you will have all the answers ready should you be asked a question about your day.

Be Professional

Regardless of the relationships with the family you are working for, maintaining your professionalism is essential when dealing with any type of dispute. Staying professional and respectful will help ensure that you are treated in the same way. Never assume that because you have a strong bond or connection with the family that being late to work, leaving early, or shirking any of your responsibilities is acceptable.

Be Positive at All Times

Leave your personal problems at home for two reasons. First they do not belong at work, and second it is important to maintain your privacy. Set your problems on that “deal with later” list and stay as positive in the workplace as possible. Children have a keen sense of other people’s emotions and tend to feel the way you feel. Your problems will be right where you left them when you return.

Create Disciplinary Procedures

There may be times when you have to discipline the children for bad behaviour. It is important to follow the instructions of the family regarding discipline and never cross the line.

A good nanny knows the importance of speaking up when necessary for the well-being of the children. A good rule of thumb is that the boss of the children is whoever is in the room with them, but remember that parents have the final say regarding what behaviours are allowed and how the rules are reinforced.

Pageant Dresses for the Little Princess

Daughters are the best people around each one of us. They pretty face, innocent smiles and naughty tantrums can turn a dull day into the brightest one. The little princess is a darling who loves to dress up and feel big – like her mom. That is cute and we all fall in love with their stylish poses and pouts.


Shopping for the little fashionista is no easy task. She has her own choices and you really cannot force anything on her – not a good idea any day! So why not shop what she likes? As a parent you will have your own concerns and pricing is a major one. A kid outgrows the dresses pretty fast and that discourages parents from buying too expensive ones. Then here is good news. Buy pageant dresses - for your little darling from Pink Princess and get the best priced deals. The pageant dresses for girls come in variety of cuts and color that will make you go wow with joy. The icing on cake is the very reasonable pricing. That makes a wonderful combination of fashion as well as affordability.

While your little princess can bask in the glory of her new pageant dress for the next party, you will smile at the great deal you got. Watch her flaunt her pouts in the beautiful dresses as she grows up. These pageant dresses add a touch of oomph to your little one. Besides being stylish and reasonably priced, they are made with great care and fabric to suit a young one’s skin and comfort. What if it is a pageant dress let her get soiled and have fun. The dress looks even better when your little one wears it and moves in style. Gift your little princess the fashion sense and she will love you for it because no one could have done that better than you!

Go shopping today for your little princess. Get her the best pageant dress in her favorite color and let her be the camera’s baby wherever she goes. This is the beginning of her life and your fashionista should look only the best! Wrap her in a dress that is pretty and tie a lovely bow on her hair. She is your princess who is ready to take the world in a storm. Her child like choices today may be the fashion rage tomorrow!

Preparing for Your Newborn on a Budget

They say that having a baby is the most wonderful experience of your life. It changes the way you look at things, the way you think about things and basically, your whole perspective on life. The nine months of carrying the baby is also one of the most memorable times for the new parents. The excitement, mixed with a bit of fear and apprehension, are all natural and are to be expected. It is all a part of getting ready to welcome that new member into your family and doing your best to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Most parents believe in giving the best of everything to their newborn. In today’s world however, giving the best of everything does not come cheap. Baby accessories are expensive and you will find yourself guiltily looking for baby accessories wholesale - to cut down the cost. This is okay and there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. Here are some tried and tested tips to ensure that you give your baby the best, without going into debt.

Newborn on a Budget

Make a list

Having a baby means that you will have to buy a lot of new things. This is considerably less if you have had a kid before. You would know by experience what you would need. For a first timer, however, it is best to do a lot of research on what you would need at every step of the way, right from the moment the baby was born. Start making a list with these things. It doesn’t matter if they seem ridiculous at the time. You never know when they would come in handy. Put in everything you think you might need into this first draft of your list. It will go through many drafts before your baby is born.

Decide on what you need

Now you have a list of absolutely everything that you could think of which are associated with having a baby. The real work starts now. Go over each item of the list and think whether you absolutely need it or just want it. Be careful not to scratch out things that are absolutely essential. Get help from friends or family if you have a hard time deciding. We would recommend bottles, diapers, breast pumps, breast pads, a changing table, baby blankets, a baby carrier and burp clothes to be essential. Every pregnancy and baby are different. There is no right thing or wrong thing.

Go easy on the accessories

The baby market is a wonderland for new moms - to be. It is very easy to get carried away with all those cute outfits, toys and other baby accessories. Consider anything that is not in your list of essentials to be accessories. It is okay to buy a few accessories. After all, your baby is entitled to a little fuss and finesse. For those moms who feel that they may go overboard at the usual baby stores, visit wholesale baby shops. This way, even if you do feel like splurging, you will be doing it at a lower cost.

Go easy on the accessories

Set aside a hospital fund

The hospital bills are those annoying expenses that can mar your excitement of having a new baby. The thing is, they need to be paid and it is best if you are prepared beforehand. Talk to a few hospitals and find out about their charges for a basic baby delivery package. You could also inquire about the cost of emergency procedures such as C-sections. These are very common and it is best to be prepared rather than be unpleasantly surprised. Once you know the basic amount of money that would be required, set it aside. To this, add another 25 percent at least, for extra costs associated with giving birth. This way there won’t be any surprises to cloud those first few special moments with your baby.

Take up those offers

Many baby shops and online baby stores give various discount offers at various times of the year. Talk to a few friends who have already had babies and they would definitely know about them. Make sure that you take them up once you know the times of these offers. Be sure to check the quality of the products you are buying when buying things that are on offer, especially from online stores.