Setting up your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting activities parents do to get ready for their new addition. While there is a vast array of baby gear and furnishings on the market, there are a select number that are especially welcome in the nursery. If you plan to shop for this most wonderful room of your home, keep the following ideas in mind.

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While many families often prefer a cradle or bassinet for those early days, a full-sized crib will serve your infant from birth to whenever they attempt to make that initial climb out of it or when you are ready to move them into a child’s bed. Some cribs are actually dynamic and revert to a child’s bed when you are ready to make the switch.

Naturally, you’ll need plenty of sheets and bedding. Don’t forget the bumper pad so that your baby doesn’t roll into the bars. A crib buying guide will be very helpful when it comes to the selection process.

Glider or Rocking Chair

What nursery would be complete without its rocking chair or glider where your baby can be fed, cuddled, or gently rocked to sleep. Along with your comfy chair, you’ll probably need a side table with a lamp so you can set down your glasses, book, or baby’s pacifier.

You’ll find a wide selection of nursery rockers and gliders so you’ll be able to select one that matches the décor.

Changing Table

Having a place to conveniently change your baby is ideal. A changing table is a nursery mainstay. Your changing station should have a comfy mat that is easy to clean along with wipes, diapers, and any needed lotions, ointments, and crèmes.

There are furniture sets where you can match the changing table to your crib if you want to achieve a seamless look for your nursery.


An uber soft rug is a wonderful feature for your nursery that will add substantially to the room’s comfort. You can sprawl on the rug with your baby to enjoy board books or playing with baby’s first toys. While an area rug may do, take care to choose a rug that’s soft as this may very well be the spot where your baby first rolls over or crawls.


You and your baby will spend a lot of quality time in the nursery, so be sure to choose a decorative style that suits your style and will provide visual interest for your growing and developing child.

From decorative mobiles and lamps to wall art and curtains, you can customize this room with a theme like fairytales, baby animals, or an ocean theme.

Other items that will add functionality to your nursery include a bookcase, armoire or dresser, and organizing bins or baskets to hold baby toys or outwear like mittens and hats. Take your time when shopping to choose items that are sure to make your child’s nursery your favorite room in the house.

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