The amount of children that spend time playing outside is startling. A new survey out from The Nature Conservancy shows that only ten percent of children spend time outside regularly. That’s an alarming rate but it really isn’t alarming at all if you think about the trends that are currently influencing entertainment and technology. Technology deserves a huge chunk of the blame when it comes to inactive children. Kids would rather watch television, play on the computer, or talk on the phone. This is bad for children’s health for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re missing out on fresh air which is good for them and vital for growth. They’re missing out on the physical activity that comes from running around and they are also losing out on creativity. Of course, there are some ways around this. Make your yard so much fun that kids will want to spend time outside! One way to do this is by installing a basketball net jungle gym.


The basketball net is really crucial to getting kids moving! They’ll be able to run around and get their exercise in. A basketball net jungle gym also requires multiple people so it’s a natural way to incorporate play with friends and of course it’s great to get the whole family involved. This not only makes it fun but also a great bonding experience. Family members or friends can create teams which further facilitates friendly competition. There are not many activities that truly involve a whole family these days, but this is one of them. It’ll be so much fun that the younger kids won’t even realize that they are exercising, which will inspire them to play even longer. Playing basketball will also tire the young ones out and they won’t be putting up a fight to go to bed!

These basketball hoops are super easy to set up — especially if you go with a mix-and-match play equipment provider like Toronto’s Play Rainbow! All it takes is a few clicks of interlocking pieces and that’s it! No hassle and you can always rearrange the pieces if you aren’t satisfied.  It’s perfect because that means when winter rolls around, you can put the pieces away easily. When it warms back up, simply set them back up. Play Rainbow also guarantees safe set up with no sharp pieces or heavy lifting, which significantly reduces the chance of injury.

There are 31.3% of children that are overweight or obese in North America, and there are some disturbing facts related to this disappointing number. A huge factor is that there just aren’t many activities that pique children’s interest enough to get them moving. This basketball hoop is the perfect way to get kids moving again! They’ll be begging to play outside and it will help to reduce the risk of obesity.

Overall, a basketball jungle gym is a great investment — it’s easy to install, fun to play on, it’s a form of weight loss, and it also brings family fun to your yard. Parents and children can once again bond over a hoop, ball, and net. There are so many different games that can be played on it that it will be very difficult to get bored. So if you want a great investment for the physical and mental health of your family, buy outdoor basketball equipment in Toronto from Play Rainbow! And remember, parents — a basketball jungle gym will keep the kids playing outside longer which means you won’t have to listen to their fighting or complaining for a while. That means there’s more time for you to get things done!

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