In this generation where in lots of video and online games are designed, It is really hard to stop our child from getting into it. Worst, whether we want to stop them from playing or let them enjoy and play with them, there’s always an effect to us and to our kids.

Todays video games are more hi-tech and more sophisticated compare to video games five years ago. They designed the games to allow player into more interaction. With that, players engage on deeper level€”physically and emotionally than people do when watching a movie or TV.

The effect on your kids in playing video games, varies. It depends what games your kid usually play. There are games make our kids relax, less depressed while others experienced mental fatigued and having anger management issue after each gaming session.

The cons – Most of the negative effects of video games are blamed on the violence they contain. When kids play video games that involves firing guns, swords and killings, when watched and played repeatedly, it bring impact on the kid’s behavior. They most likely copied and mimic characters in the video games. Imitations is one way of learning and when they imitate the wrong actions often, they thought that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Fantasy vs. Reality – When kids often play video games, there are tendencies, that they offer relate it with their real life. Kids thought that they really are in the character that they are playing.

Worst sample of this scenario is my nephew, at age four, who plays princess avatar in the video game. It took us a while to explain him that he is different with the character that he plays in the game. He sometimes have tantrums because he would like to wear princesses’ dress, and would like to have his hair long and be braided.

The PRos- Not all video games had their negative effect towards our kids. Most of the video games now are designed to relax the mind.

Nevertheless, it somehow teach our child to follow simple instructions, like simple matching games and pattern and shapes recognition. It also helps our kids to practice multi-tasking, like hand-eye coordination, problem and puzzle solving.

Organized application- My son starts playing “candy crush” and €farm house saga” at the age of three. Letting him match the same candy or the same fruit to get a point, which he applies when it comes to tidying up his toys, he is now an expert of putting the same things together, from stuff toys to Lego and robot. It helps my son at his early age to be organize.

Guidance is the key – We as parent, have a big role when choosing the right video games for our kids. No matter how harmless the video game is, we still need to look after them and explain to them that it is only a game, it can be repeat if the game was over or even if they lose. They need to know that, “Too much is Bad”, too much playing time is not advisable for our kids, aside from physical aspect, which they need a real exercise, it will also affect other factor such as emotional values and social interactions. However it is not good if we totally prohibit them into playing video games, since we are in the era where in everything is so hi-tech, we want our kids to be smart and knowledgeable and able to adjust in this generation.

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