There was a time, not too long ago, when there was no TV or internet, when kids were kids. They played outside, invented games, and made up dances to present to their parents. Today however, many parents struggle to get their kids active. Here are some suggestions to help encourage them to get outside.


  1. Sign them up for team sports:

Team sports are not only a terrific way to get your children active, but they are a great way to meet new friends and learn the value of being depended on. By signing your child up for a season you are committing them to an activity and teaching them about obligation.

  1. Start an activity you think they will enjoy:

Some children are born with vivid imaginations while others need a bit more of a push. Try to think of activities they might enjoy and can work towards on a committed basis, like building a tree-house. Providing that you have an available tree, there is no reason why this can’t be done. Ask your child to help you design it and work together to put it up. In addition to being a fun project, a tree-house is something they can enjoy for years to come and take pride in having built themselves.

  1. Teach them to be little entrepreneurs:

Children love setting up small businesses like lemonade stands or garage sales. Next time you do a spring cleaning ask your child to help and let them sell a few old items on the sidewalk. It’s amazing how quickly children can become engaged in managing money and working with people.

  1. Take them on a camping trip:

While not every child will jump on the idea of hiking into the woods and eating trail mix, camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, it is an activity that, once there, nearly everyone enjoys. Bring along a book of animals or birds that are native to the region, or teach them to build a real campfire. The time shared between families on camping trips is priceless.

The objective of all of these activities is to get kids out of their shells and out of the house. By presenting a new world to them you are opening up their imaginations and instilling character traits, such as creativity and resourcefulness, which will last them a lifetime. And of course, you get the chance to spend time with them.

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