In their first few months of life, your baby will love things that they can watch and listen to. There are a great range of different toys on the market suitable for new born baby development, and choosing the perfect toys to help stimulate your new baby’s senses as well as aid with their development can often be tricky thanks to the wide range of choice available. We’ve put together a list of the best types of toys to choose for your new born to keep them occupied, entertained and help them develop.


Play Mats and Baby Gyms

It’s no surprise that these are one of the most common types of baby toys Australia that parents buy for their new born babies. With great development features that encourage your baby to explore the senses of sight, touch and sound, they’re perfect for tummy time and are safe enough to leave your baby lying on. Play mats which feature toys with different textures and sounds are ideal to keep new born babies interested and happy for ages.

Activity Bouncers

All new parents buy a baby bouncer for their precious little one, however getting an activity arch which you can attach to your baby’s bouncer will encourage them to bat at the toys, keeping them busy and occupied and giving you the chance to have some time to yourself. As with play mats, getting an arch with a range of sensory toys on it such as rattles, toys which play sounds and ‘touch’ toys that are furry or crinkly in texture will help to stimulate your baby’s senses the most.


Hanging a musical mobile within your baby’s line of sight allows them to enjoy the sights and sounds. Many parents like to hang a musical mobile over their baby’s cot, so that they can stay occupied when falling asleep, especially if they are just getting used to being in a new room without mum and dad nearby. If you’re picking a mobile for baby’s bed time, choose on which plays a soft, lullaby song to gently soothe them to sleep.



Rattles are a great basic baby toy to buy for your little one, as they’re stimulating to both the vision and hearing senses. Rattles are simple toys, but they’re great for keeping your baby occupied and entertained and are great for engaging with your new born and playing with them. Choosing brightly coloured rattles with different patterns on is a great idea for stimulating your baby’s sense of sight. Soft rattles are usually preferred over hard ones by parents, as they’re safer to leave with baby and less risky – nobody wants tears if a little one accidentally hits themselves in the head with a rattle!

Soft Picture Books

These little books are great for your young baby, as they have super soft pages and different textures for little ones to feel. Books with different colours and pictures are great for stimulating both the visual and tactile senses, and can be great for bonding time with your little one. You can also get sensory baby books which feature buttons to press which play music, great for keeping alert babies happy for hours on end.

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